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This article will tell you everything you need to know about dog beds, starting with why you need a dog bed, and ending with a guide to the best dog bed for your dog.

Why do dogs need beds?

Dogs need beds for many of the same reasons that people need beds, but you’ll also find that having a dog bed will benefit you as well as the dog. Not all dog beds are created equal, so it’s important to understand the benefits in your process of selecting the best dog bed.

Top reasons your dog will be happier with a dog bed

1. Beds are more comfortable than the floor. This may be starting with the obvious, but this simple fact can sometimes be forgotten since many dogs seem just fine with sleeping on the floor. However, if you find a great dog bed that fits your dog’s preferred sleeping positions, he’ll be infinitely more comfortable. He’ll feel much the same level of comfort that you would feel changing from sleeping on the floor to sleeping on a bed.

2. Dog beds give your dog his own space. Your living space was designed with humans in mind. Humans designed the place and made the rules for when certain rooms and areas can and can’t be accessed by the dog. This is perfectly normal, but in this world built by humans, your dog needs a space that can just be his and his alone. Your dog needs a space that will always be safe and accessible to him. The dog bed will allow your dog the ability to retreat from the activities of the house and relax in a space designated just for that. The sense of security and peace your dog will get from having his own bed is well worth the price.

3. Dog beds ease the stress on bodies and bones. The floor can be rough on bones and joints, especially for older dogs or dogs with arthritis. Easing the pain by cushioning the joints promotes good health for your dog.

Top reasons you will be happier with a dog bed

1. Your furniture will thank you. Having a comfortable designated place for your dog to relax will encourage your dog to stay off your other furniture like couches and beds. This will protect your furniture from dirt, fur, scratches, and dog smell. It’s both more pleasant for you and saves costs for cleaning and replacing furniture.

2. Your dog will stay out of the way. You can train your dog to retreat to a location when things get busy around the house. This is especially helpful when you have guests over and your dog is in the way or annoying your guests. A dog bed is a safe and comfortable place for your dog to chill out when there is too much going on.

3. Your dog will learn to relax instead of begging for attention. There are times to play and times to relax. If it’s one of those times where you need your dog to relax, a dog bed will help you train your dog that when he’s sent to the bed, it’s time to relax. This can help if you have a dog that’s excited by noises outside or gets too interested at barking at other dogs.

How to choose a bed for your dog

There are many different types of dog beds for the same reason there are many types of beds for humans: dogs have different sleeping preferences. In order to choose the best dog bed for your dog, consider your dog’s sleeping habits and preferences. Below are the main types of dog beds, and tips on discovering which type is best for your dog.

Quick Flowchart

Follow along in this quick flow chart to see what dog bed is best for your dog. Then read the detailed descriptions of the different types below.


Heated Dog Beds

There are three reasons you may want to select a heated dog bed for your dog:

1. Your dog sleeps somewhere cold (basement, garage, shed, porch, etc.).

2. Your dog is senior and has joint pain that can be eased by the heat.

3. Your dog just prefers sleeping somewhere warm.

Any of these three reasons or any combination of them is a great reason to provided a heated dog bed and keep your dog toasty warm while sleeping comfortably. Heated dog beds should have an internal thermostat to keep the temperature at a comfortable and safe level for your dog.

Our highest recommended heated dog bed is below, because it comes with a soft cushiony cover and the temperature is controlled to just the right level while maintaining energy efficiency.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds are designed for older dogs or dogs with arthritis because they are extra soft and supportive for joints. Orthopedic dog beds can come in all shapes and sizes based on your dog’s sleeping preferences, what makes them stand out is the extra cushion support. Even if your dog is not old or does not have joint problems, many dogs find these types of beds to be extra comfortable for sleeping. Orthopedic beds can even prevent joint problems from happening in the first place, because it is so gentle on your dog’s body.

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog beds have a raised head rest to give your dog a comfortable place to rest his head. Some dogs prefer to rest with their heads raised like this, but others don’t. Observe your dog when he is relaxing in your home. Does he try to use an arm rest on the couch to rest his head? Does he try using pillows under his head? Does he like to put his head on your lap when he sleeps? When he’s using a blanket, does he try to rest his head on a bunched up area so that his head is slightly raised? These are all signs that your dog would love a bolster dog bed the best.

Standard Dog Beds

If your dog does not fit into any of the other categories, a standard dog bed will suit your dog just fine. Standard dog beds provide just a little extra cushioning between your dog and the floor. Many standard dog beds are made in sizes to fit crates, so that your dog can be comfortable when crated.

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