Dog Basic Care

Here is some quick and basic information about having a dog as a pet. Scroll to the bottom of the page to links to more in-depth resources.

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend” and are one of the most popular pets in the world. Dogs are very trainable and can be taught many different tasks from having good house manners to even alerting an owner with epilepsy that a seizure is oncoming. With all of the great benefits of having a dog, there comes a high level of responsibility and dedication required from the owner because dogs do require a lot of work for their basic care.

Dog Basics

Lifespan Commitment: 6-16 years depending on size, breed, and health of the dog

Time Commitment: 1-3 hours / day

Cost Commitment: $600 initial cost + $700/year upkeep

Space Commitment: free range in house/yard

Veterinary Commitment: requires a vet and recommended $1,000 emergency fund

Interactiveness: High – requires attention every day and forms strong bonds

Children: Alright for children with adult supervision


  • Huge variation between different dog breeds


Dog Guides

Interested in learning more about having dogs?

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