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Toys that dispense food have a long list of benefits for your cat. A food dispensing toy:

  • Makes eating fun! Cats love the challenge and physical activity that this toy requires, because it fulfills their hunting instincts.
  • Slows eating and improves digestion. Many cats chow down on their food too quickly, which upsets their stomach. This toy will ensure your cat slows down and eats at a pace that is good for health and digestion.
  • Encourages exercise. Obesity is a big problem with cats, and it can be difficult to motivate your cat to move around and exercise. This toy provides ample motivation because it is so fun and rewarding for cats to move around to get food.
  • Provides mental stimulation and prevents boredom. The challenge this toy provides will give your cat hours of entertainment because your cat will have to think about the best way to get the food out. A cat that has a good challenge is much more well-behaved because of the fulfillment it provides.

This is an excellent choice for a food dispensing toy because the amount of food that flows out can easily be adjusted. Leave the gap open wide the first few times that your cat uses it so that your cat can get the hang of it. When your cat figures out the trick, close the gap so that it's more challenging to get the food out.

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