Hamster Food and Nutrition

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It’s important to feed your hamsters a high quality food so that they can get all of the nutrients they need. Hamsters are foragers in the wild and they enjoy eating a variety of foods, just like humans do. It’s easy to feed hamsters a well-balanced diet if you choose a high quality commercial mix and supplement with fresh fruits & veggies for variety and mental stimulation.

Main Diet – Commercial Mix

The brand of hamster food that I would highly recommend to all hamster owners is Hazel Hamster Food. Feeding your hamster this food will ensure a well-balanced diet, and a healthy, happy hamster. This food is the best brand for all species of hamsters.

Diabetes and Diet

Many hamster owners have decided to restrict the diet of their dwarf hamsters because of the high frequency of diabetes in dwarf species. While it is true that some hamster species have high incidence of diabetes, it is not necessary to change their diet before they develop any signs of diabetes. Just like in humans, eating sugary foods will not cause diabetes; however, being overweight is a risk factor for diabetes. All this means that you can feed any healthy hamster sugary foods, as long as it is in moderation and does not cause weight gain. If your hamster does have diabetes, then you will need to make changes to your hamster’s diet when he is diagnosed. See our page on Hamsters and Diabetes for additional information about diabetes in hamsters.

Supplemental Diet – Fresh Foods

Giving your hamster a supplementary diet of fresh fruits is wonderful for your hamster, because it introduces new and different flavors, textures, shapes, and hardnesses into your hamster’s diet. Just like humans, hamsters appreciate being able to eat a variety of new and interesting things. It provides additional mental stimulation because eating different types of food means different types of experiences. Your hamster will flourish with a varied and interesting diet where she gets to use her natural foraging instincts!

For a good list of hamster safe foods, I would highly recommend this list at the Hamster Hideout forum. This is the most comprehensive list I have found and it also provides recommended amounts. When you are cooking foods for yourself, be sure to check out this list to see if you can share with your hamster.

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